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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I raise money from my dinner party?

When inviting friends and family round for your Great Get Together let them know that you’re hosting the event in order to raise vital funds for Action Against Hunger’s work so instead of bringing round a dish or some nibbles, ask them to come ready to donate.

Giving is easy, whether they prefer to give you the cash on the night or to make their donations directly to Action Against Hunger using text or online and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

What if guests aren’t able to donate?

Make sure you let guests know well in advance that you’ll be expecting donations for the event. This gives them a chance to let you know if they might have issues with paying and perhaps you can find another way to get them involved – who wouldn’t welcome a sous chef?

What date is The Great Get Together?

The Great Get Together is all about giving thanks for the food that we have, which is why we’re asking people to host their dinner parties on Thanksgiving, Thursday 24th November. But if you can’t make this date don’t worry – a Get Together can be great at any time and the funds you raise can still make a real difference.

How do I pay in the donations from my dinner party?

Donate online – ask guests to visit the Pay In Your Donation page on The Great Get Together Website. ( to enter their donation details online.

Text to donate – asks guests to get out their phones and text THANKS to 70660 to donate £10 to Action Against Hunger. If they’re feeling generous, why not ask if they’ll text twice?

Collect in the cash – ask guests to bring some notes on the night, get a friend to help you tot up your total and either pay in this amount using the online donation page or make a bank transfer to the charity’s account below using ‘The Great Get Together’ as your reference:
Bank Name: Cooperative Bank
Sort Code: 08-92-50
Account number: 65027015

Tickets sales – If you’ve used the Give A Dinner Party website to organise your event then 100% of your funds raised through ticket sales will be automatically transferred to Action Against Hunger – simple!

How can I find Get Together’s in my area?

By registering with our partner Give A Dinner not only can you create an easy to use virtual ticketing and invite system for your event but you can also use their search function to find out about other dinner parties hosted by other like-minded people in your area. What’s more - to help make your get together even greater, Give A Dinner will donate an extra £40 to Action Against Hunger for the first 100 dinner parties with four or more guests listed on their site!

When will my dinner party pack arrive?

If you’ve still not received your pack 10 days after signing up please email or call 0208 853 7562 and one of the team at Action Against Hunger will look in to this for you.

Where can I find out more information about Action Against Hunger?

There’s more information about Action Against Hunger in your dinner party pack so sign-up today to read more about how your Get Together can make a difference.

If you’d like to know even more then check out the Action Against Hunger website.

Do I have to use the recipes in my dinner party pack?

Not at all! These are just some appetising options to inspire you – if you’d rather stick to your favourite recipes or try something completely different it’s up to you.

What if I don’t have enough time to cook a full Thanksgiving meal?

You don’t have to! If you want your guests to be happy it’s important that you are too – so don’t opt for a full Thanksgiving feast if you think you don’t have the time to make it.

If you’re really short on time you might want to consider getting some help from our partners at SimplyCook. Their SimplyCook boxes contain authentic flavour ingredients blended by expert chefs to make easy to follow 15-20 minute recipes – all you need to do is buy the fresh stuff! Each box contains 4 recipes to feed 2-4 people. If you sign up to the site using the code GREAT you can get your first box for just £1 and SimplyCook will donate a further £10 to Action Against Hunger!

Will I receive anything to acknowledge my donation?

Every donation received online and via text to donate will automatically receive an acknowledgment and thanks from the team at Action Against Hunger.

We’re not able to send out acknowledgements to those that have made cash transfers at the bank as we won’t have your contact details. However if you do decide to pay in your funds this way and want to receive a receipt please email with the details of your donation and we can send this through.

Is it fair to eat luxurious foods at an event that raises funds towards ending hunger?

People who love food should have the chance to give something back whilst exercising that passion. At Action Against Hunger, we acknowledge that cooking and enjoying a wide variety of food is an inevitable (and very positive) part of our culture here in the UK. By promoting this campaign, we give these supporters the chance to make a difference whilst enjoying a great meal.